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Artisan Soap hand crafted by Wicked Naturals!

Gardener's Grits Soap is a "scrubbing" hand soap with a mixture of exfoliants that are tough on dirt but gental on your skin. Hints of orange & lemon will leave your hands smelling fresh after a day in the garden.


- Raw Shea Butter

- Lard

- Rapeseed Oil

- Coconut Oil

- Cornmeal

- Poppy Seed

- Walnut Shell

- Organic Ground Loofa

- Raw Cultured Buttermilk

- Goats Milk

- Sugar

- Castor Oil

- Lemon grass Essential Oil

- Orange Essential Oil

- Bentonite Clay

- Sodium Lactate

- Lye

- 4.5 oz weight

Gardener's Grits Artison Soap

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